Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan

Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan

Faisal Sanitary Fitting Industries (Pvt) Ltd. introduced in the year 1974 is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturing companies for restroom sanitary fittings. Its product range comprising of C.P. fittings and fancy washroom add-ons are of excessive satisfactory requirements which are accepted as a prestigious product and capture 55/60% of the country’s sale.

Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan faisal sanitary items in lahore Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan

Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan
is currently operating a built-in range of manufacturing concerns in sanitary fittings. The mixture of state-of-arts technology rigorous trying out for the duration of the manufacturing procedure and strict quality controls is the guarantee behind every and every tap that bears the Faisal hallmark. The practice of diversification started in 1995. The important reason used to be to substitute historic technology of sand casting with automatic gravity die casting of nonferrous metals and traditional electroplating with arc deposition technology.

The stock of Faisal Sanitary is made of high quality with great technology and satisfactory stainless steel. The production method for Faisal Sanitary product supplying includes a few tough stages, every of which is subjected to rigorous exceptional manipulate protocols; from selection and investigation of materials to manufacturing of more than a few parts. This approach is the equivalent for all items free of whether they are from the decrease valued or top-rate range. All of the products offered by Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan bear identical examinations for water-tightness, durability, saline mist, etc., which are carried out systematically throughout the manufacturing process. Standardized first-class requirements are met throughout the choice of materials, components, finishes, etc. This causes us to make sure that all our products are of equal standardized quality and free of any assembling deformities. The targetted audience/customer of Faisal Sanitary is the middle class and financial class market. The fees of their products are not very high and provide the exceptional quality of objects with a lot of prices. The stock products of Faisal Sanitary are of superb quality with a reasonable rate of products.

Products offered by Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan

Faisal sanitary – washroom accessories offer a tremendous deal of high-quality with the absolute design and lovely searching products which encompass
⦁ Hand Shower
⦁ Wall Shower
⦁ Rain Shower
⦁ Basin Mixer
⦁ Sink Mixer
⦁ T.Cock
⦁ Bib Cock
⦁ Hand washbasins
⦁ Sinks (glazed or stainless-steel sinks)
⦁ Bathtubs
⦁ Water closets
⦁ Urinals
⦁ Flushing cisterns
⦁ Double Bib Cock
⦁ Accessory Set.

Our team is encouraged to continue to be up to date with consistent improvements in the technological know-how field of each of our product lines. These tendencies are then incorporated into our production method, to assurance the state-of-the-art and greatest items for our customers. Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan is a leading washroom sanitary fittings and accessories business with an excited crew to cater to the requirements of every customer. There is dependably a quest to possess the latest sanitary fittings for toilets and kitchens that create an aesthetically designed luxurious experience.

Quality of Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan

Faisal Sanitary – Bathroom Accessories carefully select the finest materials and manufacture to the very fantastic and perfect benchmarks to supply the most fantastic designs to a customer. They are the vendor of these excessive fantastic and most perfect fitting sanitary products. They are also one of the top-notch sanitary suppliers of Premium items-
⦁ sanitary ware
⦁ faucets
⦁ toilet fittings
⦁ bathtub
⦁ tub cabinet
⦁ bathroom products
⦁ washroom accessories
⦁ Bath and Kitchen Faucets
⦁ Showers in Lahore.

Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan Product Range

The agency does accurate testing at the manufacturing stage that ensures water-tightness, durability, protection from the saline mist that makes them unusable if not cleaned. The standardized excellent testing and requirements are for the entire range of products available at Faisal Sanitary. The broad range helps ensure that consumers on a budget can pick out what works outstanding for them without feeling charged the high costs.

Pre-Designed Sets
Their bathroom accessories consist of Hand Shower, Wall Shower, Rain Shower, Basin Mixer, Sink Mixer, T.Cock, Bib Cock, Double Bib Cock, and Accessory Set. The design outlook of Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan is now not limited to supplying stylish handles, knobs, and necks for their fittings however also showcasing several systems of water pouring alongside with every design. For each of the designed sets which consist of the sink, shower, and flush there are a variety of water pressures and streams available. Some of the collection names are
⦁ Waterfall
⦁ Carrera
⦁ Nouia
⦁ Project
⦁ Recta
⦁ Grace
⦁ Casper
⦁ Artic
⦁ Excel and many other designs are available.

Mechanism of cold and hot water management
There are single-handle, quarter round, and full or half-round designs for water faucet used in the sink to wash hands. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the top of your sink, and daily needs, a single handle can seem elegant and make it convenient to combine cold and hot water with one hand while the water flows out from under the handle. The new modern designs bathroom products available at Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan can make a bathroom experience luxurious, but for those looking for ordinary designs, there is nevertheless the two manage (one for warm and the other for cold) with a separate neck for pouring the water. It is important to have the ideal water strain and mechanism for showers, as they are normally used the shower head becomes clogged and desires cleaning to work properly. The superior science used for coating the showerhead and Muslim showers makes them long-lasting fittings.

Public Restrooms
Restrooms in offices, restaurants, and lodges are used in a massive volume as in contrast to personal home bathrooms. This means the faucets and showers are substantially used and overused in some instances leading to their fast deterioration. It is important to oftentimes maintain and replaced fittings when broken. The practical costs and cheap price factors accessible at Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan make it less complicated to substitute public toilet accessories.

Industrial Material used by Faisal Sanitary Items in Lahore Pakistan

The excellent plating technology is utilized for exquisite stainless metal to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The electroplating ensures that the inner mechanism and external appearance will not deteriorate due to oxidization. The contemporary Plasma Ion plating and Arc source depositing are used on all their bathroom products to create an incredible coating to shield from everyday wear and tear of overuse.