Floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan

Floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan

Floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan are most normally seen in lavatories and kitchens. However, it is now ordinary and fashionable for newly constructed homes to use tiles as the most common flooring type, in distinction to mosaic or marble flooring, which was as soon as favored in homes. As such, if you’re renovating the flooring of your home or constructing a new home, you have to know which type of tile to use and what it’s going to price you.

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Types of Floor Tiles In Lahore Pakistan

First things first; let’s talk about the three principal types of floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan. These are:

  1. Ceramic Tiles
  2. Porcelain Tiles
  3. Granite Tiles
  4. Ceramic Floor Tiles In Lahore Pakistan

Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used when humans decide to go with flooring tiles in Pakistan. These tiles are made from herbal clay that is blended with water to shape a crimson paste, which is then molded into shape. The tile is then placed in a kiln at excessive temperatures. The warmth hardens the tile, and as soon as it is ready, a thin layer, tons like a glaze, is placed upon it to add a range of designs, patterns, and colors. The varnish protects it from water and makes it a little scratch resistant. However, both glazed and unglazed varieties are on hand in the market, with unglazed ceramic tiles being high-quality for outdoor areas. As for glazed ceramic tiles, they are handy in each matte and gloss finishes, which we’ll problematic below.

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  1. Porcelain Tiles

Heated at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are additionally made from clay, but a combination of one-of-a-kind elements results in a white non-porous tile being fashioned after being placed in the kiln. The resultant tile is then, much less susceptible to water absorption, greater scratch-resistant, and more long-lasting than a ceramic tile. Once the tile is ready, a print is introduced to the tile to create a half-body tile. In contrast, the hues and patterns are blended without delay into the clay mixture before firing it in the kiln for full-body tiles. We’ll discuss both these kinds of floor tiles shortly.

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  1. Granite Tiles

Granite is a natural form of stone flooring, and it is frequently cut to a sure thickness and following certain parameters to form granite tiles. These are the most durable and the most waterproof of all the three floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan, but they are the hardest to shape as they are created utilizing reducing pieces of tiles from herbal rock surfaces. Thus, these tiles are generally laser-cut as an alternative than being round-edged due to artificial production. This is some other feature of tiles handy in Pakistan that we’ll talk about in the heading to follow.

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Features Of Floor Tiles In Lahore Pakistan

Even although there are solely three normally used floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan, there is a wide variety of elements that set them aside from each other. Let’s tricky on some of the ideas we’ve quickly touched upon above:

  1. Matte Vs Glossy

As stated above, for each ceramic and porcelain tiles, a print, design, or sample is placed on the tile after it is heated in the kiln. This layer can fluctuate in thickness, and the resultant sample can be each glossy and matte.

Matte tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, the place water spills are usual as sleek tiles can be extremely slippery in areas the place foot traffic is high. Glossy tiles also give a sheen to the ground and add magnificence to the look of the room, which makes them greater common for lounge areas or drawing rooms.

Granite tiles, being formed from herbal rock, do now not have prints imposed on them and are typically found in matte types with a glaze covered on them to make them even greater long-lasting.

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  1. Half-Body Vs Full-Body

The important distinction between full-body and half-body tiles is in the amount of put on and tear they can bear. Ceramic tiles are usually half-body, which skill that a thin layer of print is added to the tile after it is manufactured. In contrast, porcelain tiles are offered in each half of and full-body varieties. The printed layer on half-body tiles is only a few millimeters thick, which ability that when the tile becomes chipped, it will lose its pinnacle layer, showing purple or white clay underneath.

In contrast, full-body tiles are created to comprise their color, pattern, or diagram in the entire width of the tile. Thus, when chipped or filed away, these tiles reveal some other layer of the actual identical layout as above, as an alternative than showing a patch of clay underneath, which can be an eyesore.

In the evaluation of the other two, granite tiles are always full-body floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan when you consider that they are cut from natural rock.

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  1. Round-Edged Vs Laser-Cut

Tiles are usually positioned beside one another with a certain amount of distance, which is filled with grout. However, they can both be round-edged or laser-cut, depending on their manufacturing strategies as nicely as their material. For instance, granite tiles are continually cut away from the rock the use of a laser, ensuing in sharp edges. In contrast, ceramic tiles usually have rounded edges, while porcelain is available in a combination of each option.

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Factors of choosing Floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan

You now recognize about the three most oftentimes reachable kinds of flooring tiles in Pakistan, however, deciding on between them may depend on a range of factors:

• Size

• Strength

• Durability

• Target area

• Availability of patterns

• Ease of installation

• Cost

Here’s a short clarification of every one of the elements to consider earlier than you determine on the type of tile that is exceptional for your specific needs.


Tiles are on hand in a range of sizes, with the most frequent ones for central residing areas being of 12×24 inches, 12×36 inches, 18×24 inches, 24×24 inches, and so on. In short, large rectangular tiles are favored for lounges, drawing, and eating areas. Bathroom floor tiles normally have sizes of 9×12 inches or 12×18 inches. However, many humans opt to use large tiles in bathrooms as well, as giant tiles make a small space appear big.

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In phrases of durability, granite is the most reliable choice available, whilst ceramic is the most inclined to breakage and damage. Porcelain tiles lie someplace in the center in terms of electricity however are more advantageous than ceramic alternatives.

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The power of a tile also determines its sturdiness over time. This skill that granite is the most long-lasting amongst the three options. It is additionally easy to polish granite and return it to its former glory over the years, whereas porcelain and ceramic tiles may want an alternative instead.

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Availability Of Patterns

Digital printing has led to a new boom in the tiling industry with geometric, floral, wooden, and a range of different designs being printed on half-body ceramic and porcelain tiles. In contrast, full-body porcelain tiles have lesser types due to the fact it is more difficult to create a giant range of designs in the clay combination before firing it up. Meanwhile, granite tiles are sourced from natural stone, and thus, there is a limited variety of patterns available.

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Ease Of Installation

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are simpler to a location on cement flooring, the use of a layer of adhesive to stick the tiles in place. These can also be established as a DIY project. Granite tiles, however, need professional assistance during installation. An average floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan mason can cost Rs. 22 to 25 per rectangular feet, but if you favor the best finishing, decide for anyone that is presenting their offerings in the charge vary of Rs. 32 to 35 per square feet.

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Advantages of Floor tiles in Lahore Pakistan

The important advantages of tiles are the following:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Durable and resistant
  3. Water-resistant
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Wide vary of patterns and colors
  6. Easy to smooth
  7. Looks great
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